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Here me like I'm here.

HERE creates an immersive 3-dimensional conversation space for discussions across long distances with many participants. Each group conversation member is represented by one speaker on the other side which transmits the voice and emotional non-verbal behavior expressed through light and movement.

The team is targeting groups of people who want to have long distance conversations. For example a business call between two companies.

The project is a result of a collaboration between the students of the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück and the Multimedia Design Students of CAAD at the American University in Sharjah.

Communication. More natural.

3D Audio. Status light. Eye direction. Movement. These are great qualities of the HERE speaker. We decided to create a speaker device that gives audio conversations a feeling of three dimensionality, and came up with the idea to have one speaker for each group conversation member on the other side. The result is an immersive 3-dimensional conversation space.

Rounded concept. That's all you need.



There is one speaker for every group member. As much as you need.



To ensure a perfect audio sound there are microphones for each group member.



Our App allows the users to start new conversations easily.



The box consists of acrylic glass and automatically charges the speakers.

How to use.

  • 1
    Send invitation

    It's really fast to invite users to a meeting through our app.

  • 2
    Prepare meeting room

    After sending the invitation it´s time to prepare the meeting room.

  • 3
    Distribute speakers

    Use one speaker for every person at the other location.

  • 4
    Distribute microphones

    Just clip the microphone to your shirt for the perfect audio quality.

  • Let's go!

Making Of.

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One Team. One goal.